Brian McKenna, Loreto College Coleraine, talks of his BTYSTE experience

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

The dust is settling on the royal blue uniforms of the Loreto students. Its getting time to dust ourselves down, check the e-mails of the girls and VIPs that have been collected and think about GCSE coursework. Their greying teacher (me!) is finding his blood pressure heading towards normal levels and is thinking about lunch and GCSE coursework!

Its good to relax at last enjoy the newly reinstated best school award which we won in 1987 and 1988 – I’m not sure when the award ended but I don’t think it was 1989! Our newly discovered physical scientist Jack McCann is presently being harassed at the back of the RDS explaining crystallolcrystalloluminescence – if he can spell it. The twin McMullans are attempting to win bets on the McMullan card trick – if you want to try it hold a card at a shallow angle (less than 50
degrees) drop it and watch it fall to one side of the vertical, increase the angle and watch it drop to the other side. Sean McKendry is awaiting his mothers kisses as he cracks up explaining cracking up in cornflour.

It’s been another wonderful year and my last year as a full time teacher. I hope some the old Young Scientists from Mount Lourdes Eniskillen, St Mary’s, Limavady and Loreto Coleraine manage to spot this blog and think back to the good times we’ve had as I’ve walked aimlessly around exhibition halls all over Ireland, the U.K, the USA and those who won prizes on the European stage.

Work goes on – we’ll be at the Odyssey in June and at the London Big Bang in March. Jack will take LA by storm in May as he spreads crystallolcrystalloluminescence worldwide.

Still crazy after all these year.

Brian McKenna


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