A Message from Graham Sutherland, CEO

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone.

Another exhibition under our belts, and what a special exhibition it turned out to be. The support in 2011 was unprecedented, perhaps spurred on by the need for hope and optimism in the face of economic adversity. It would be hard not to be uplifted and inspired by what we achieved in the RDS last week – to view students, teachers, parents, judges, sponsors, exhibitors, media, policy makers and BT volunteers collectively working together showed the growing desire to focus on the future and excel as an island. We need to maintain this desire and can-do attitude now and not let challenging economic conditions overshadow the great activities that are happening throughout the island every day.

On behalf of BT, I would like to thank everyone involved, and congratulate everyone that took part – you raised our spirits and demonstrated that there’s an abundance of talent ready and willing to lead us to a better future.

Thank you.
Graham Sutherland


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