Juggling like you’ve never seen it before

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Gandini Juggling has been set up to celebrate the art of juggling in all its facets, fuelled by a belief that juggling is an exciting living art form. During the last past 18 years, the Gandinis have performed over 4,000 shows in 40 countries and are in constant worldwide demand for their virtuoso juggling and breathtaking choreography.

They have done pioneering work into using mathematics to generate juggling patterns. The piece they are performing uses state of the art LED technology and electronics to synchronise and program light-emiting juggling clubs. Participants can have a go at learning to juggle!

See Gandini Juggling at the awards ceremony kicking off at 2pm on Wednesday 12th of January streamed live on RTE.ie at 2pm.

Or daily Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th – Thursday 10.15; 11.45; 13.30; 16.00.  Friday 10.00; 11.15; 12.30; 14.30 and Saturday 10.15; 11.45; 13.30; 16.00


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