Robot Wars – Metal Mayhem!!

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Metal Mayhem! 

The Robotic Warriors are back.  Stars from the TV show will battle it out to the death in the Mechatrons Battle Arena.  These heavyweight ‘bots take no prisoners using full pressure flippers, axes, crunchers, spinners and more to destroy each other.  Their full metal jackets had better be in top condition to withstand not just an arsenal of weaponry but also 100kg impacts at up to 40 Kph!

Iron Awe will be defending its current title against top seeds Bigger Brother, Pressure, Ripper, Beast and Merlin to name but a few.  There’s no holds barred as the meanest, toughest and most destructive battling robots thwack, flip, munch and bash.  In the end, there can be only one.

Think you could do better?  Want to try driving a fighting robot yourself?  Well you can!  The Ankle Rascals are a set robotic warrior style featherweight (15kg) robots that you can try out your own robot control skills with.  You can fight them and try to flip each other over or work in teams in a robotic soccer playoff.  

Don’t forget to bring your earplugs for the sound activated Robot Rumble. These full size heavyweight boxing bots will be bashing and belting to the sound of your screams and cheers. Will Brittany Spares do it again for the girls or will the boys take the title this time?

Take your seats quickly and follow the rules or the Sentry Mechatrons might just take exception to you!  You will see Daleks, walkers and a host of other dangerous, friendly and just plain weird robots.  Bring your raincoat and ear defenders and prepare for sprays, sparks, noise and mayhem at the BT World of Robots.

Shows Daily Thursday 13th – Saturday 15th Jan – In the IoTI RobotWars Arena – 11, 12, 12.45, 2, 3 and 4

The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2011 – Where smart minds meet

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