Preparation well on the way!!!

Posted: December 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

With just over three weeks till the first students arrive at the RDS for the 2011 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition we hope that your preparations are well on the way.

Have you recorded everything you have done on your projects – the judges are interested in seeing everything you have done.  Both individual and group entries must keep a diary, it forms a vital part of your 3 project elements.

This diary should contain day-to-day records of how the project is going. Remember to record all the names of books you have looked up and all the people or institutions you have contacted.

The leader of group entries should keep all relevant information and appoint a group member to keep the diary.

How are things going with your Project Report Book – see some key information by clicking here

Don’t leave it all until the last-minute as you never know if that printer will work just when you need it.

Many projects involve elements that may not be safely exhibited at the Exhibition, but are an important part of the project. You might want to take photographs of important parts/phases of your experiment to use in your display. Photographs or other visual images of human test subjects must have informed consent.

Make sure your display is logically presented and easy to read. A glance should permit anyone (particularly the judges) to locate quickly the title, experiments, results and conclusions. When you arrange your display, imagine that you are seeing it for the first time.

Make your display stand out. Use neat, colourful headings, charts, and graphs to present your project. Homebuilt equipment, construction paper and coloured markers are excellent for project displays. Pay special attention to the labelling of graphs, charts, diagrams and tables. Each item must have a descriptive title. Anyone should be able to understand the visuals without further explanation. Make sure that the text is large enough to be read easily.

Be sure to adhere to the size limitations and safety considerations when preparing your display. Display all required forms for your project. Make sure your display is sturdy, as it will need to remain intact for quite a while. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from adults if you need it. It is very important to check the spelling!!

Have a good break over the Christmas holidays.


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