Restored Hearing win a top NovaUCD Start Up Award

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last night Rhona Togher from Restored Hearing was placed 2nd in the Nova UCD awards for Start Up Companies.  The Awards which were part Innovation Dublin 2010 festival event, were chaired by Dr Pat Frain, Director, NovaUCD, who said, “The participation of UCD researchers in the establishment, growth and development of high-tech and knowledge intensive ventures, such as those who participated on this year’s CCDP programme, is of critical importance for the development of a sustainable smart economy in Ireland.” He added, “The development of such new high-tech ventures will also generate opportunities for the creation of highly-skilled employment which is so critical in the current economic climate.”

Restored Hearing received a cheque for €3,000 and €3,000 worth of legal services from Arthur Cox respectively in addition to six-months free desk space at NovaUCD.

Restored Hearing has developed and is marketing SomtusTM. SomtusTM is an online sound therapy for the sufferers of temporary tinnitus which alleviates the effects of this form of tinnitus after only one minute. Temporary tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, occurs when an individual experiences loud noise or music and can last from a couple of hours to a few days.

Exposure to loud noise bends the cochlear hairs (i.e. the sound receptor cells) in the ear so that they touch off each other. This sends signals to the brain that are interpreted as sound, even in the complete absence of sound. Restored Hearing’s SomtusTM sound therapy stimulates the inner ear to allow the cochlear hairs to re-straighten so that they no longer touch each other and thus stops the ringing in the ears.
The company, co-founded by Anthony Carolan, Eimear O’Carroll and Rhona Togher, is based at NovaUCD were the Runner Up Overall Group at the 2009 BT Young Scientist & Technology Award.  Rhona is a 2nd year student at the Science Faculty in UCD studying Physics.


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