Highest Entry Levels in 47 Years

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

 I am really delighted that entries for the 2011 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition have been counted and analysed, and they tell a very positive story. Never in the exhibition’s history have there been so many entries. What a positive achievement, at a time when creativity, innovation, smart-thinking and problem-solving are such key skills to have.

So here are the numbers:

  • 1,735 projects entered by 346 schools from 32 counties – that’s a 9% increase!
  • 3,943 students submitted group or individual projects
  • 520 projects will take part in the exhibition
  • 56 percent of entrants are female and 44 percent are male
  • 1,392 (80%) entries are group entries and 343 (20%) are individual entries 
  • 321 Technology projects entered compared to
  • 198 Technology entries in 2010 280 Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences projects
  • 493 Biological & Ecological Science projects
  • 641 Social & Behavioural Sciences

I’d like to thank all the people and organisations that help to make the exhibition the success that it is – students, teachers, parents, judges, private and public sector sponsors and exhibitors, and of course the BT employees who coordinate the event each year. Together we are proactively focusing on stimulating the important subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths, while making it a fun experience too.

I look forward to seeing the 520 qualified projects at the RDS in Dublin in Juary.

Until then, take care,

Graham Sutherland, CEO, BT


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