How ICT can improve the education process

Posted: January 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just as computers have become an essential part of nearly every profession, so too are they an important part of the education system. Technology in schools can make everyone’s lives easier- advances in educational and organisational software can speed up and improve the learning process for students, teachers and parents. It is also imperative for students to be familiar with the type of tools and technologies they will be using in their working lives.

BT’s ‘Learning Technology for the 21st Century’ at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition is a futuristic, interactive stand which shows parents, teachers and students how technology can improve a student’s learning experience. BT has worked together with Cisco, IBM, SMART Technologies, C2k and to demonstrate the potential benefits that come from the new connected technology world of learning – in the ‘Learning Classroom’, the ‘Learning Office’ and the ‘Learning Home’.

Learning Classroom shows teachers and students how laptops and presentation tools can make learning process easier and better. Brightly coloured personal computers housed in stylish furniture are used to demonstrate educational software which helps students explore concepts in math, science and language.

In the Learning Office, teachers can see how curriculum management and teaching tasks can be coordinated and delivered in a more productive and flexible way, it also enables collaboration between teachers in different schools.

Learning Home, illustrates how broadband-enabled learning tools, like web conferencing and online submission of assignments can facilitate a highly interactive learning experience for distance learning students.

BT’s ‘Learning Technology for the 21st Century’ stand (number 29) will be open for visitors at BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS from Thursday 14th January until Saturday 16th of January.

We hope to see to see you there.

William McAuliffe

Business Development Manager, BT


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